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fixcopyrightwiki email sending issues
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  • the "send email" button does not work (at least is Chrome). Obviously this is known, although I didn't find any task about it. It seems to me that the email sending method is needlessly hi-tech: instead of the JS based button there should just be a mailto: link styled as a button, those work in every browser.
  • if I go the copy-paste route instead, I have no idea what the email subject should be. (I imagine if the button worked, that would be autofilled? Although there doesn't seem to be a message for it, either...)
  • The email address of the rep looks like a link but is not clickable.
  • Instead of Name ad@ress it should be something that can be readily copied into a To: line, like Name <ad@ress> or "Name" <ad@ress>.

See also T205001: fixcopyrightwiki should make the text of the email editable