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Request creation of hashtags VPS project
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Project Name: hashtags

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: @Samwalton9

Purpose: Hosting new version of the Hashtags tool (code still under development at

Brief description: Hashtags was a Toolforge tool for browsing edit summaries containing Hashtags. It ultimately had to be taken down (T188205) due to heavy database usage. I'm now working on a rewrite, and to make sure it can run at full speed without affecting any other tools I'd like to host it on a full VPS project.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: As soon as possible.

Event Timeline

I support this request- the load created issues on toolsdb, but obviously, I have no decision power here.

Approved, but let's try to hold off for a week so that we can start this in the new region and avoid a future migration

Just curious - when is the migration expected to happen?

Project has been created! It should be in the eqiad1-r region in the eqiad1 deployment. Mind the horizon option in the top-left drop-down menu.

aborrero claimed this task.

Looks like the project ( was assigned to user Samwalton instead of Samwalton9, so I don't currently have access!