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Cross-wiki notification for two links inserted is not clickable
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I have that cross-wiki notification on French Wikipedia, about two links pointing to a given article that have been inserted on the French Wiktionary:

When I click on "Links were made from 2 pages to bain de minuit", nothing happens. I should have access to Page linked:

Links under the three-dots menu are working fine.

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Is the notification behaving normally on its home wiki (French Wiktionary) in the popup and on Special:Notifications?

You should see the primarily link at the bottom left of your browser when you put your mouse over the notification. Do you see anything there?

Works well on the Wiktionary.

Concerning the mouse, I have nothing when hovering the notification on fr.wp.

@Trizek-WMF, @SBisson - I looked at the Notifications spreadsheet for primary link for page-linked notification type - Target The page that was linked from ($4).

How ever, it's a cross-wiki bundled notification - two *different* pages were linked to one page. So, the logic is - disable the link if there is a more than one pages to link to. Personally, I think that the Target should be changed to the page that was linked to.

Also, I checked if everything else is working - cross-wiki single page-linked notifications, and other bundled cross-wiki notifications - all seem to be working as expected.