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The upload form only checks upload_max_filesize, not post_max_size
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The upload form only checks upload_max_filesize, not post_max_size; it should use the smaller of the two.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: minor



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A fix

attachment uploadsize.patch ignored as obsolete

Patch looks okay at a glance. I'd have to test it and switch branches to commit it, though.

ste.coda wrote:

A second fix

I've corrected the Patch by adding two trim functions before ini_get (line 26-27 of the patch), removing an useless parenthesis on line 29 and removing a double semicolon on line 39.


This has regressed somewhere in the meantime; the current code in SpecialUpload.php only checks upload_max_filesize.

Note that UploadFromFile::verifyUpload() does check both upload_max_filesize and post_max_size, but it doesn't seem to trigger properly -- I see no error message instead of seeing a verification failure error.

The limits output for the special page UI and the API should check both settings and return the minimum (actually the max file size would be a bit _smaller_ than the max post size, since a little space will be used for other form variables, but that's a start!)

sumanah wrote:

Adding "reviewed" since Stefano's patch was reviewed and, indeed, committed. cc'ing NeilK since he was recently talking/asking about size limits in uploading.

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This was fixed again in 05c27c3af122b57f896927e5092bd25a9d8808d3 (in 2012). And since ed6648427a86d6893deb219081a96e337a1141cb, the logic is centralized in UploadBase.