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Run less tests when a patch is in WIP mode in Gerrit
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This ticket holds as a placeholder for a discussion.

CI is taking longer and longer to run (Example, Wikibase CI can take 30-40 mins).
As a result it can take devs a while to get immediate feedback from CI.
It might be a nice idea to run only the tests for the repo the change is for while in WIP mode in gerrit.

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I have checked the code, Zuul does not have support for Gerrit wip status. For a wip change, gerrit query yields:

   "wip" : true,
   "open" : true,
   "status" : "NEW",

Zuul does not support the wip field and thus we can make it a requirement for a change to decide whether a change can enter the pipeline. Also setting a change as being`wip` does not change the status: NEW.