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Description is the main portal page for Toolforge, linked from:

This page is currently contains a minimal amount of content and lacks basic information (such as basics about Toolforge, where to find help, support, further information, etc). It is underutilized and could use improvement.


  • Determine the audience and purpose for this page.
  • Evaluate the page's current content - update and improve in order to meet needs of audience.
  • Check for any inaccuracies or critical updates that should be made.
  • Make sure the page is following MediaWiki style guidelines:
  • Gain feedback from users about usefulness and incorporate additional improvements.

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srodlund renamed this task from Improve and update: to Update and Improve: 11 2018, 12:17 AM

The Toolforge:Portal page has been updated and linked from the sidebar of Wikitech.