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Prepare Fikarummet code for merge with Teahouse repo
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As part of the WMSE-Equality-on-Wikipedia-2015 (Fikarummet) project we forked the Teahose repo to do some larger changes to the code.

As we are not actively maintaining the Fikarummet code it would be good to have all such changes merged back into the main Teahouse repo. Complicating this is that the Teahouse repo went through a similar upgrade in between us finishing the Fikarummet project and now.

Part of this also includes handling the database changes on Toolforge which meant some of the old queries are no longer possible.

Event Timeline

This was on our timeline for the WMSE-Development-Support-2018 project but never happened.

At the minimum we should investigate if the repos are still mergeable (or if our improvements easily extractable then mergable as separate patches) and if the updates/changes are of interest to @Capt_Swing to merge into the main repo.

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE I suggest we abandon this since we haven't been maintaining the code in the last couple of years, while the teahouse repo has hopefully kept evolving. Any objections?


WMSE has not been supporting it's fork since 2017 and the main repo has meanwhile undergone some substantial changes (often paralleling our changes) and has seen activity as recently as 2020.