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Wikibase does not accept "+g"-formatted strings as quantities
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import pywikibot
repo = pywikibot.Site('wikidata', 'wikidata')
item = pywikibot.ItemPage(repo, 'Q209351')
claim = item.get()['claims']['P2370'][0]
claim.getTarget().upperBound = claim.getTarget().lowerBound = None
item.editEntity(summary='remove explicit bounds')


    "amount": "+1e-28",
    "lowerBound": "+1e-28",
    "unit": "",
    "upperBound": "+1e-28"

Result: WARNING: API error modification-failed: Data value corrupt: "+1e-28" is not a well formed decimal value

Per, Pywikibot recieves values like "+0.0000000000000000000000000001" (strings) but these are handled using Decimal and then saved as "+1e-28" (format(value, "+g")). Either Wikibase should be updated to accept values in such a format or Pywikibot shouldn't submit them.

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For parser in DataValues would need to be updated to handle values such as this.

The question is, do we want to accept values like this?
My gut says probably yes..


I'm encountering the same problem. I also have seen that this is related to this: