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Tweak HTML for preview bar (patch)
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patch against r49247

Currently it's difficult to effectively customise the appearance of the notice that displays when previewing a page; the h2 "preview" header (and the "previewconflict" header when it appears) is unidentified and appears outside the <div class="previewnote"> that contains the "remember this is only a preview" message. Changes in this patch:

  1. assign IDs for both h2s so they can be identified individually
  2. move both <h2>s inside the "previewnote" div so it forms a clearer semantic grouping; move the "text-indent:3em" CSS rule to the inner <p> so it doesn't screw up the h2 indentation
  3. use an <hr> instead of a bottom margin; semantically clearer and probably better from an accessibility PoV.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: enhancement

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Updated patch, against r49247

Better patch: previous one was duplicated for some reason (not sure if it would have applied or not), and I forgot to bump $wgStyleVersion.


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Never, ever add BOMs... (as is in this patch for trunk/phase3/includes/DefaultSettings.php)

Applied with tweaks in r50702 ($this->isConflict NOT $this->isConflict()!). Please test your patches. wrote:

I think this one was from before I got my test wiki off the ground.


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I think this one was from before I got my test wiki off the ground.

BOM?? wrote:


So *that's* why the diff marked those lines. Stupid Windows Notepad...