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Page Curation messages should be configurable
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The Page Curation tool automatically places a number of messages on user talk pages (e.g. a page you created has been reviewed, a page you reviewed has been unreviewed). The text of these messages appears to be hard-coded into the tool. Editors have raised a number of issues with them, including awkward wording, lack of signatures, and inconsistency with other forms of semi-automated messaging.

A straightforward solution would be to make these messages configurable locally on enwiki. Presumably, this could be as simple as have the tool place a subst'd template rather than raw text.


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I too seek for the attention of developers onto the issue.This ought be easily doable or do I think.

If you think that it's "easy" please consider providing a patch for review. You're also free to vote for this issue in the next Community Wishlist Survey. Please avoid adding "me too" comments to tasks. Thanks a lot!

It was my understanding that this was already possible through MediaWiki:PageTriageExternalTagsOptions.js and MediaWiki:PageTriageExternalDeletionTagsOptions.js

@Vexations Unless I'm missing something, those files only cover the names and descriptions of tags (hence the name). I don't see any of the message texts there.

It has also been suggested that the messages should be configurable for users of different experience levels. (an editor that is newly autoconfirmed should receive a different message than an autopatrolled user).


Galobtter subscribed.

Indeed already configurable on-wiki through Template:Reviewednote-NPF and Template:Unreviewednonote-NPF (Messages for deletion tags, along with what appears to be every type of message sent, are also configureable, e.g Template:Empty-warn-NPF)