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mw:Template:Archived (extension|skin): add new "task" field
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In order to avoid having to rewrite by hand the default "reason" text to link to a Phabricator ticket, I propose that an optional "task" field be added to the templates as well.

{{archived extension| oldid = |reason = | task = }}


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MarcoAurelio added a subscriber: Dinoguy1000.

I'm neutral; could also be manually added to the reason parameter, as a workaround?

We currently have to do this, which is using indeed the reason field: copying the default text and adding the Phab ticket. Being able to keep the default text and just adding |task=Txxxx would be more elegant IMHO. I'd do the change myself if the template syntax weren't so complicated to read.

This isn't a blocker, but if it's easy enough to do, the template should allow more than one task to be added in this way (whether via multiple parameters, or by allowing multiple values to be passed to the one). There has been at least one archival addressed in more than one ticket, though a quick search through my contribs fails to turn it up.

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Coded in the sandbox of the templates in question, see

Looks good to me. Thanks for doing it. What do others think?

I'd still like support for multiple tasks, but I don't think that should block. As is, it looks fine.

I didn't code that, mostly because it seems to me that if the archival is complicated enough to merit more than one phabricator task, it's likely complicated enough to need a custom reason as well.

Pppery closed this task as Resolved.Sat, May 23, 7:15 PM

Template changes will need to be marked for translation

(which has now happened)