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db1061 management interface busy (no sessions allowed)
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This is the same issue than the previous one, but for db1061, sorry I didn't detect it at the same time :-(. There isn't any other host with the same issue- at least at the moment.

db1061, both ssh and web mgmt interface are unavailable because on trying to connect we get the error:

RAC0218: The maximum number of user sessions is reached.

This seems like a similar issue than the one explained here: where they recommend a DRAC reset (done in the past) and maybe a firmware update.

Please give us priority with this as it is blocking important maintenance that has to happen during the failover time.

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@jcrespo I need to power this server off let me know when I can do this

db1061 should be now fully down and ready for you! @Cmjohnson

mgmt interface works for me again, waiting for you to be finished to continue with my maintenance.