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Plan and Run Brainstorming Session(s)
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The purpose of these asynchronous working sessions is to discuss the findings presented in the mobile report that came out of the Heuristic Analysis, Usability Testing and Metric Study. The brainstorm should be a collaborative effort from design, engineering, community and product stakeholders.


  1. Plan the brainstorming session (90 minute call)
  2. Propose next steps for addressing opportunities for improving the mobile Visual Editor experience.

Event Timeline

@JTannerWMF @marcella @Deskana and I have been working on the format for these sessions. We are proposing to have not 1 breakout session but 4 breakout groups for brainstorming that will ultimately convene to do a team-wide shareout of ideas.

The planning deck will provide themes for each group to brainstorm using the Jobs to Be Done framework.

I shared the slides on our recent Contributors design call. I got some constructive feedback that I am going to incorporate into the workflow:

  1. we should make it clear to the team that the goal of the brainstorm is idea generation
  1. we should make an example hypothesis for something unrelated to model for the team how we want the report backs

To address the feedback, I:

  • updated the slides to include more context around the goal
  • edited the Jobs to be done statements to a format that hopefully will allow for lots of different types of problem solving
  • wrote a few example slides to explain how the process should go
  • added all the pain points from the usability and heuristic tests to the spreadsheet
iamjessklein renamed this task from Plan and Run Feedback Session(s) to Plan and Run Brainstorming Session(s).Sep 27 2018, 4:36 PM

After talking with @MNovotny_WMF I've integrated 2 distinct scenarios into the brainstorming to account for our multiple audiences. Additionally, I've made a slide deck for each brainstorming breakout group that incorporates the following suggested agenda:

  1. Ice breaker
  2. Jobs to be done read-through
  3. Mindmapping
  4. Scenario 1:Crazy 8s
  5. Scenario 2: Crazy 8s
  6. Shareout and Voting
  7. Sketching
  8. Prep for lighting talk group shareouts

@marcella @Deskana @JTannerWMF and I are going to do a test brainstorm with one of the job to be done topics to see how the format works and to create an example for the rest of the team to emulate. After that, I suspect there will be some iterating on the format, and then we will run the sessions with the larger team.

The brainstorming work is done.