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@Jopparn The Norwegian web designer has sent us a quote.

I've contacted four web bureaus in Sweden to ask about maintenance, and two of them might be able to help us with this.

Drive folder: link to folder here.


@Jopparn @AxelPettersson_WMSE @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE @MiaJacobssonWMSE @Eric_Luth_WMSE @Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE
I've put together some information about the suggested structure for the new website, and the themes which the web designer Hege has suggested for us.

You are very welcome to have a look and give input (preferably by noon on Thursday, January 16). If you want to give input but don't know where to start, here are some questions:

  1. How do you feel about the suggested page structure?
  2. Do you have any suggestions for projects we should highlight as examples of a cooperation?
  3. Is there any page or part of page that you would like to write the text for?
  4. Do you have any input on choice of theme?
  5. Anything else you would like us to consider before choosing a theme and starting to set up pages?

Information here!

Here are my initial thoughts. I realize that I'm probably quite conservative when it comes to website design, so take it for what it's worth.

I'm not a fan of having "long" pages that you have to scroll through, without any links to sections; having to scroll through a lot of content to get down to something that you want to find further down is tedious, especially if it's something you want to come back to multiple times.

I think it's a good idea to be able link to a specific section if we want to have fewer larger pages. E.g. to be able to give someone a link directly to where they can find how to get to the office, rather than giving them just a link to the contacts page and having them hunt down that information themselves.

For the themes, I think that bot Neve and Sydney had a lot of empty space that makes the pages even larger. I may be that the demo pages being light on content makes it feel this way.

About the theme: It looks like all the three themes suggested are variations of the same design: a big image + headline dominating the above the fold space. We might want to consider how/whether this aligns with our mission and values. If I knew nothing about Wikimedia, these themes would make me think of some sort of creative agency/marketing/commercial endeavor. It would be nice to have at least one completely different theme to compare with, something without pictures and focused on text.

And re: content to write, I can take 'stöd oss'.

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Is there a possibility to make it multilingual?

To do
Dear volunteer text writers!@Jopparn @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE @Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE Thank you for your patience! I've put together a short list with guidelines for the web texts.

Current state of the website
There's a link to the web site in the document. It's a work in progress, and several things will be fixed before we ask for organised feedback, but feel free to make a note here if there is something you don't want to forget to mention in the future.

We are still aiming to get the website up by the annual meeting, so if you have time to write web texts during this week (April 1 - April 5) that would be fantastic. If not, maybe next week would be possible and that would be fantastic as well.

Other notes
@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE For the page Kontakta oss there might not be text as much as a suggestion of content, such as pictures of us, a map, should we keep the contact form that the web designer has suggested and so on.

@Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE For the page Stöd oss we won't be keeping the donation form that is there presently, but if you could write a general text about why donating to Wikimedia Sverige is such a great idea, that would be great! Maybe something like what Wikimedia Foundation does, or maybe something else. It's likely we will let people donate by Swish to start with, because the donation forms we've found haven't met our criteria.

Something I noticed when looking at the new site: the images for each page are really big. Now you only get the headline and the picture when you arrive at a page and have to scroll down a full page to get to any actual information. Is this the finished design? If we want the pictures that big, I think it would be better to instead use them as background and overlay the information.

I don't know if I this was something we've discussed earlier (and that I grumbled about then too), but it's something that annoyed me when jumping around on the site.

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE – I mention it earlier in this thread. I agree with you.

I disagree with the statement that using a design with a strong focus on images would be somehow problematic or not in line with who we are. Having a representative image or video will give a visual cue about the organization/who we are.

The entire point of us having a website, and not just the wiki, is to have a different type of entry point to our work. The target audience here is e.g. individuals interested in donating or supporting us that do not know anything about us, or other organizations that want to get a quick understanding who we are. For the ones that truly want to understand us, they will be guided to visit the wiki where we will have much more focus on texts.

That said, the exact size of the images etc. can certainly be discussed and perhaps be improved upon, but we will not drop the theme.

I disagree with the statement that using a design with a strong focus on images would be somehow problematic or not in line with who we are.

I'm not sure what statement you are referring to.

Having a representative image or video will give a visual cue about the organization/who we are.

I'm not against the use of images. I just find it tedious to navigate a layout like that. Although considering how often I come upon sites with similar layouts, it seems that people like it or at least people who design sites like it. I don't have any alternative in mind and I'm no web designer. My comment was based on a very small population (me) that also isn't the target audience.

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