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Admins should see a warning when in process of overruling a move protection
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Author: pgrawehr

When an user attempts to edit a page that is semi-protected (or an admin attempts to edit one that is either semi- or full-protected) he get's a message box with a warning and the current block reason. Especially as an admin this is really important since overruling the block could be considered abuse of sysop rights. A similar message should pop up if an admin attempts to move a page that is move-protected. Except if looking into the logs, he has no way of knowing that he would just overrule a full move-protection.

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Severity: enhancement



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Adds a move protection warning to Special:Movepage

patch included.


pgrawehr wrote:

Looks ok. Just a remark about practical issues: On most wikimedia-wikis, only logged in (and autoconfirmed) users can move pages anyway. In such a case, would we just remove (=empty) the semi-protected warning (because it's just confusing). What would you suggest?

Applied with minor tweaks in r50701. Thanks.