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Make soundfont path global a dictionary global
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See parent task for a reasoning for this change. In short, currently, MediaWiki-extensions-Score can only support having one available soundfont, which may not be suitable in all cases. To combat this, the $wgScoreSoundfont global should be a dictionary, with the name of the soundfont as the key and its path as the value. Some knowledge of PHP and JSON could be useful. With the changes made, a patch has to be submitted to Gerrit.

After this is done, there will be other tasks created to continue on this work:

  1. Add parameter in the <score to change soundfonts
    1. Add to VisualEditor
  2. Enable switching soundfonts in Wikimedia wikis.

  • Mentor: @Ebe123
  • Time: 4 days
  • Categorization: Code, non-beginner
  • Instance Count: 1