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Allow looking for items and lexemes namespaces together by default
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Currently on Special:Search on Wikidata, only the search in the main namespace and property namespace is enabled by default.

As a user looking for a Lexeme (or Form or Sense) if I type the word I look for in the search field, I find nothing. I need to change manually the namespace of the search, or add Lexeme: or L: as a prefix. This is not very intuitive for users, especially new users.

Looking by default for items and Lexemes should be allowed in Special:Search and the search bar.

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This is tricky since Lexeme and Item use different search queries (due to the fact that they have different structure).

Alternatives are:

  1. Enable common search for Lexeme+Item, which would have poor relevancy since it would not used specialized queries. Proper search would only happen if you remove either Lexeme or Item/Property from namespaces.
  2. Develop code to search more than one query in parallel and display results together.
  3. Have some UI that would make it easier to do Lexeme search (e.g., default to Lexeme when current page is in Lexeme namespace)
  4. Other?
EBjune triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 27 2018, 5:26 PM

Option 2 seems best to me right now. What do you think @Smalyshev?

Let's discuss it with the team then and see how hard is it to do option 2. Since we're using similar searches, we probably can assume (or make it so) that the scores are comparable, at least when we're talking about Wikidata searches.

Would it be acceptable to show the results for Item namespace and Lexeme namespace separately - e.g. in separate tabs? If not, what would be the expected UI - would both kinds of results displayed together with distinction only by prefix or with some separation between Lexemes and Items?

CBogen lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Aug 27 2020, 8:13 PM