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Add Wiki Education Dashboard and Programs & Events Dashboard to ORES connection whitelist
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With the newly-enforced connection limits, the two production servers of the dashboard may be sometimes exceeding the connection limits. Adding them to the whitelist would be great.

For, here's the data I have:
eth0 inet:
eth0 inet6: fe80::f816:3eff:fed4:13c2/64
public IP via dig TXT +short

ipv6: 2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe08:7973

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@Ragesoss Do you still need this? Is it possible to avoid this by batching revisions?

@Ladsgroup we probably wouldn't hit the limit very often as long as the rate limiting is really only enforced for multiple simultaneous connections. The main process where the dashboard imports revision data for lots of revisions at a time has been rewritten with batching and no parallel connections at all (at least, for now).

However, there is also a feature that fetch single revisions (the latest score for an arbitrary article), and if lots of users were hitting that at once it could in principle exceed the connection limit. I don't think that would be likely to actually happen without at least an order of magnitude increase in usage, though.

Ladsgroup closed this task as Declined.Sep 28 2018, 6:27 PM

So I decline this, feel free to reopen if it happens again.