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Harmonize the namespace configuration of Docker distro and
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As a user of the Wikibase Docker distribution I want the namespace and URL layout to match the namespace deployment so that it share the same convention and is familiar.

For example on the current Docker distro the URL defaults to "" where on the same object identifier would be ""

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The Wikibase docker images currently use the default Wikibase configuration. is customized.
I don't think we want to switch the default in Wikibase, as it will stop Wikibase being immediately installable with Mediawiki, where the assumption lies that the main namespace is for wikitext.
We could probably provide some clearer documentation on how to setup your wikibase install to line up with the wikidata instance though.

So we are going to close this one for now and as part of T205605 create a quick config / advanced config guide for wikibase & the docker images.