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Add documentation for modifying the theme color in the Wikibase Docker distribution
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As a user of the wikibase docker distribution I want to be able to modify the color of the theme used in my instance so that I can have a visually appealing and beautiful wikibase instance.

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As a user need (as in the ticket’s body properly described) the title might be better: "easily modify the color of the theme used in an Wikibase instance". This could have the following solutions:

  • Documentation
  • Some sort of form where you can choose the colors (and a logo)
  • Possibly different implementations for docker vs. old install

I have done some customization with MediaWiki:Common.css, which is pretty easy. But the logo could be set in the docker-compose file indeed.

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The wikibase-docker git repository will be going away

Please see the announcement for new images
Along with docs