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Remove references to Wikidata from Wikidata Query Service UI
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WDQS UI can be used with a local Wikibase. However, WDQS UI is currently contaminated with references to Wikidata, which should be generalized, made configurable, or removed.

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Could you please be more specific as to what you mean by "contaminated with references to Wikidata", i.e. spell out specific things that need to be done?

We're in the process of formalizing our ideas from the Federated Wikibase Workshop in New York (which is running for about two more hours today), but generally this refers to literal references to Wikidata, e.g.:

  • WDQS's visible text and visual identity would not be coupled to Wikidata (e.g. 'Wikidata Query' might say 'Wikibase Query')
  • The codebase and URIs would not refer to Wikidata (e.g. a grep search would not return results for Wikidata)
  • While user-facing documentation currently refers to Wikidata, it would be nice to provide more generalized documentation in the future.

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For example, clicking on "?" leads the user to, which assumes in every example case that the user is using the particular instance of, and doesn't acknowledge that the user might be running WDQS attached to a local Wikibase.

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I think this ticket is a duplicate of that one. Probably should be closed accordingly and subtasks created for any specifics not caught by that set.