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The FAQ page for the MediaWiki API is a popular and frequently visited page. In its current state it is serving as more of a catch-all for information rather than a functional, audience focused user doc. A quick read of the FAQ reveals that it mostly contains three categories of information.

  • Information about where documentation can be found, how to get help, and how to report a bug.
  • Information about some actions and functions that can be performed with the MediaWiki Action API. The information is not extensive or comprehensive.
  • Information about possible errors and trouble shooting, which isn't readily available elsewhere.

I propose splitting the FAQ into 3 or more user oriented guides that cover these topics (roughly):

  1. What is an API? What does it do? What kinds of things can be done with the MediaWiki Action API? This could include user stories and examples.
  2. Where to find information about the MediaWiki Action API? How do I get help when I can't find the information?
  3. Troubleshooting the MediaWiki Action API. What can go wrong and what to do about it? What are the error codes for the MediaWiki Action API? How to report bugs? There is a robust page on API: Errors and Warnings. Any troubleshooting document could be closely tied into this --> to further guide understanding about specific error messages.