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Review translation tags
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What is the problem?

I need a second pair of eyes on my translation mark up on this page:

I also specifically need some help with figuring out how to mark up the sentences that have reference tags.

How can we help you?

Review my work :)

What does success look like?

Page is marked for translation!

What is your deadline?

September 26 (next Wednesday)

Event Timeline

Thanks for filing this will keep you posted.

Johan triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 24 2018, 10:30 AM
Johan moved this task from Backlog to Do now on the User-Johan board.

Have gone through the page, fixed the tvar tags, added a few missing translate tags, moved </translate><translate> Text to </translate> <translate>Text (or translators will miss that they're supposed to start the sentence with a space. This is marked in the style of Tech News, which is nice for translators, but

This is how a <tvar> link looks, by the way:
[[<tvar|name>m:Example page</>|Example page]]

No <tvar> outside of the square, and nothing after the closing </> around the link wiki link.

Most importantly, this will break the links to section editing. I would recommend going ahead with this as marked for translation only if that's OK.

Johan raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Sep 24 2018, 1:14 PM
Johan moved this task from Backlog to Jul-Sep-2018 on the CommRel-Specialists-Support board.

Thanks so much @Johan! Also thanks for the lesson in tvar links. I never seem to get them right, so that is helpful. I've marked it for translation :)

@egalvezwmf OK, just as long as you're aware that you're running into a bug where section editing is broken.

Satisfaction survey reply was received.

@Elitre I got a survey in my email today about this - did I already fill it out? should I not fill it out again?

This was my mistake. Please ignore. Sorry!