Please enable transwiki-imports to English Wiktionary from other Wiktionaries.
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Author: ran.arigur


The English Wiktionary community has voted to allow transwiki-imports from other Wiktionaries. (See vote page at I believe that this means we need our $wgImportSources configuration-variable changed to add these interwiki prefixes:

aa ab af ak als am an ang ar as ast av ay az ba be bg bh bi bm bn bo br bs ca ch chr co cr cs csb cy da de dv dz el eo es et eu fa fi fj fo fr fy ga gd gl gn gu gv ha he hi hr hsb hu hy ia id ie ik io is it iu ja jbo jv ka kk kl km kn ko ks ku kw ky la lb li ln lo lt lv mg mh mi mk ml mn mo mr ms mt my na nah nds ne nl nn no oc om or pa pi pl ps pt qu rm rn ro roa-rup ru rw sa sc scn sd sg sh si simple sk sl sm sn so sq sr ss st su sv sw ta te tg th ti tk tl tn to tpi tr ts tt tw ug uk ur uz vi vo wa wo xh yi yo za zh zh-min-nan zu

(I generated that list automatically from [[wikt:en:Special:SiteMatrix]], and removed the obviously useless "en" and "tokipona". It may have other useless ones as well, but that shouldn't be a big deal.)

We didn't actually discuss the order they should appear in, but I think it's best if the currently-listed prefixes continue to appear first, with these newly-added ones following it in alphabetical order.

Thanks in advance!

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Severity: enhancement


bzimport set Reference to bz18519.
bzimport created this task.Apr 19 2009, 1:18 PM

msh210+wmfbugzilla wrote:

[[wikt:en:special:sitematrix]] now has additional entries, which I suppose must not have been there when this bug was filed (?). Could you please just add to $wgImportSources all the language prefixes existing for any project at the time you effect this feature request (except 'en')? Thanks.

ran.arigur wrote:

I don't think it has any entries now that it didn't before; it's just that I only listed the existing Wiktionaries (minus English, because it's us, and Toki Pona, because it has no entries and is closed). But if it won't cause problems for the list to include prefixes that currently only have Wikipedias, not Wiktionaries, then sure, I guess we might as well include them against the possibility that they'll someday have Wiktionaries.

ran.arigur wrote:

Great, thank you!

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