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in the Visual Editor, you cannot reuse a citation created in an infobox
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This is hardly news but it is massively annoying particularly when you train groups on the Visual Editor (or indeed when you use it yourself). On Australian place articles using {{infobox Australian place}}, it is the norm to add the "original" citation to population in the infobox. The norm is also to include a sentence about the population of a town/suburb/locality (used in the lede para but may be elsewhere) which reuses that citation. For anyone who can only use the VE, it is makes no sense whatever that they can SEE that the citation is there in the infobox but Cite > Manual > Reuse doesn't admit to its existence. It is a frustrating time-waster because they assume (wrongly) they aren't doing something right, when in fact it just isn't possible.

It seems that once you have used the source editor to create a reuse in the main text of the article, then that citation does become available with a name (but without a definition). This makes it more confusing because sometimes they think they can see the "citation in the template" and it's there to reuse (because a re-use in the main text has already been made) and sometime it's not.

It drives me crazy too as I principally edit content in VE, but at least I have the poor man's workaround of going into the source mode, naming the citation and then doing the reuse, before I flip back into VE.

I know this has been mentioned for years but it doesn't seem to have any priority.