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Customisable Software Version Table in Special:Version via Hook
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Author: charlie

Example Hook Implementation

I've attached an example patch that will add a hook that allows the adding of arbitrary rows to the Software Version table in [[Special:Version]] that currently holds the version numbers of MediaWiki, PHP, and your database.

This would be useful because it would let developers/maintainers of a wiki installation add in site-specific information, such as the version of other daemons and servers that their wiki relies on (Search, Spam Filtering, Caching, etc), as well as a version number of the configuration that the wiki is running off of if they have that in version control.

The patch may need to be cleaned up a bit, but it works and it's easy to use and implement.

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Did it in r49661 a bit differently. Make the software an array that the hook can modify to add/remove as desired.