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Update Offentligt Stöd to include 2017+2018
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The wmse:Offentligt stöd page hasn't been updated in a while (the whole of 2017 and 2018 needs to be checked).

It should be updated to include all of the approved applications and payouts from government sources (whether or not they qualify as Försumbart stöd.

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@Jopparn while this doesn't have an external deadline it would be good to have it up to date well in advance of wrapping up the year.

Workwise this is mainly going through the Diarium for decisions and payment schedules and also taking a look at received payments (Fortnox should have these).

A quick brainstorm of missing decisions:

  • GLAM: 2* SMVK projects, SMM, Nationalmuseum, Tekniska museet, RAÄ, arbetsam(?)
  • External financing in Utbildning?
  • Samsyn?
  • PTS - pilot 2

There may also be missing payouts from Välkommen till min plats and others.

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Can probably be closed, because of T237969