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Import villages of Aruba to Wikidata
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There is no overview of Aruban (cities and) villages on Wikidata

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I would just do this with one of the existing great data import tools for Wikidata! No need to write a script in my opinion? Unless learning to write such a script is a goal in itself...?

Maybe @Pintoch would be willing to teach you OpenRefine, specifically with this dataset?

Sure, happy to help any time! (Online or at the Wiki TechStorm)

Yes sounds much better what you propose @Spinster: shows that I have no clue (yet) about all these processes or scripting mumbo jumbo :/ Could you change the description of this task @Pintoch ?

Pintoch renamed this task from Write script to import villages of Aruba to Wikidata to Import villages of Aruba to Wikidata.Oct 24 2018, 2:47 PM

Goodmorning, I have collected the Data cities and will be importing them into wiki data

@Ecritures where could we find you? we are in the A room working on this task

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Unable to import data since there is not a source available right now to find the correct data that has high accuracy. The challenge with Aruba is that it consists of just a few cities. In these cities there are a lot of neighbourhoods. That goal is to find data that distinguishes the cities/towns from neighbourhoods.

Action point for the future:
Find a data base that has the cities and towns of Aruba and does not contain the neighbourhoods.

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