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Prompt administrators on Wikimedia Commons to prevent (non-Autopatrolled) users from re-creating a page
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As "partial blocks" will soon be rolled out, why not create the option for Commonswiki sysops to block users from re-creating pages that are deleted. This can be set temporarily or indefinite, on Wikimedia Commons we have a huge issue with users re-uploading copyright violations with the same title and page protection isn't always the best option, but completely preventing re-uploads would also have a large amount of collateral damage as not all deletions are always 100% because of copyright violations or could've been done due to the uploader adding insufficient license information even though the files 📁 are free.

So I would suggest preventing the re-creating of pages for "non-trusted" accounts to be enabled by default but any sysop can turn off (for example for blurry photographs, out-of-scope uploads, and/or OTRS-pending).

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Specifically when deleting a page, I forgot adding that to the title... 😅

JEumerus added a subscriber: JEumerus.

This looks like a somewhat vague query. Do you want that MediaWiki automatically protects deleted files against creation? Or a prompt to do so when they delete the page? For what it's worth one could add a prompt on the MediaWiki:Deletedtext message.

Also adding community-consensus-needed tag as this does not sound like something we can simply implement.

Probably best to prompt the text to prevent re-creations of the page (file name) during the deletion process as an option.