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[EPIC] Improve search and discovery experience of "Nearby" in Android
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Improve user engagement and usage of the Nearby feature as another primary way to discover and explore articles in the Android app.


Better leverage device location and search capabilities. Currently there is relatively low usage of the Nearby feature, which we hypothesize is due to a combination of low prominence of the feature, as well as the lack of searching, sorting and filtering capabilities that is usually available on equivalent applications.
Streamlining app and improving performance. – The use of Open Street Maps also adds significant file size the app, so ideally we combining interaction updates to Nearby with investigating methods to reduce the app's file size and improve performance when using this feature.
Apply learnings from iOS. – this task is partly based on positive learnings from the Wikipedia iOS implementation of "Places" (see T130889)

Core tasks

Feature/UI development:

  • T142431 – Add an ability to search and filter for locations not nearby
  • T126885 – Allow users to view nearby results in a list view
  • T136832 – Allow smart default zoom levels in the map view on Nearby
  • T129081 – Add a nearby card to the Explore feed
  • T120802 – Allow navigation to the Nearby via articles with geolocations

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