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Include form name as $1 in message "sf createproperty linktoform"
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The message "sf createproperty linktoform" ends with a colon and is followed by a form name. It should preferrably allow the name to be included as a parameter such as $1, so as to not force languages having specific word orders to twist their sentences in a way that allows the name to be at the end of, or behind, the sentence.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 10:36 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz18560.

Adding many blockers of bug 38638 to the list of "easy" bugs, to mark them as candidates for [[mw:Google Code-in]] tasks (gci2013). If you think this bug is not suitable, remove the keyword.

Change 100512 had a related patch set uploaded by MegaAlex:
Add the "Default Form" input box as $1 to message sf_createproperty_linktoform

This was a documentation problem IMHO, the colon is not followed by the field name but by the text field itself, where to enter the text (which happens to be a form name).
I've copied MegaAlex's documentation to
I don't think it's necessary nor standard to let l10n twist the order of form fields in special pages, hence closing (feel free to reopen if I'm wrong); now that docs are clearer translators will just have to avoid positional references and so on.

Change 100512 abandoned by MegaAlex:
Add the "Default Form" input box as $1 to message sf_createproperty_linktoform