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Merge new-upload branch (tracking)
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Author: herd

I've set the following bugs blocker for this action (please remove if not blocking... dur):

bug 18112  Retain URL as metadata on upload-by-url

This seems a critical bit of metadata for permanent recordkeeping.

bug 18200  Upload-by-URL has a different file size limit from HTTP POST uploads, needs to be shown in UI

This seems somewhat important to friendly UI.

bug 18201  Upload-by-URL should enforce $wgMaxUploadSize early when Content-Length header provided


bug 18243  Upload via URL: More meaningful error messages when HTTP error encountered

Seems common to get HTTP errors... more datas!

bug 18264  Cannot use "upload by URL" feature with javascript disabled

Actual feature loss, fixme please.

These are related but probably not blockers:
bug 18132 Support multiple file uploads with upload-by-URL
bug 18202 Upload-by-URL should run in background, report feedback interactively to user

Also, this one is related to bug 18200 and probably can be fixed at the same time:
bug 18411 The upload form only checks upload_max_filesize, not post_max_size

Version: unspecified
Severity: trivial



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mdale wrote:

Changed the summary to track all the related new-upload branch updates that are part of the above mentioned fixes. More comments to follow shortly...

Other upload-api related bugs in new-upload branch
bug 16927 enables firefogg support (adding chunks to the api) this hits on bug 17255 although the protocol is firefogg specific and simpler than described. (although it does not block the possibility of using the simple firefogg protocol with other clients)

There does not seem to be a general "upload api" bug. But the original idea of the new-upload branch was to support api. The api is currently documented as follows: (will be a few updates once we support status checks on http uploads)

  • action=upload * Upload an File


filename       - Target filename
file           - File contents
chunk          - 
url            - Url to upload from
comment        - Upload comment or initial page text
watch          - Watch the page
ignorewarnings - Ignore any warnings
enablechunks   - Boolean If we are in chunk mode; accepts many small file POSTs
done           - When used with "chunks", Is sent to notify the api The last chunk is being uploaded.
sessionkey     - Session key in case there were any warnings.
chunksessionkey - Used to sync uploading of chunks

(In reply to comment #1)

chunk          -


mdale wrote:

right...done in r49850 ( chunk is the name of the chunk file present in the $_FILES array. )

mdale wrote:

update on all the bugs:
bug 18112 ... tagged as not high priority (see comment on bug page)
bug 18200 ... (fixed)
bug 18201 ... (fixed) also does pre-check via HEAD request against $wgMaxUploadSize byte size
bug 18243 .... The new-upload branch does pass along a lot more http errors. But could be tested more and perhaps needs localized message wrapping.
bug 18411 fixed as part of 18201

bug 18264 ... (left open for now)
bug 18202 Upload-by-URL should run in background, report feedback interactively to user ... (development is under way for this one on the new-upload branch). Required a few fixes here and there for calling php locally nothing had to do that yet somehow...

mdale wrote:

bug 18264 resolved

mdale wrote:

ran a merge to head in r51762
things are working better on all around ... I would attach a "patch" but it will be pretty monstrous plus there are a lot of images involved. I think I will do a ~test~ commit to trunk soon...

mdale wrote:


here is a massive patch that includes the script-loader and the new-upload branch along with the js2 libraries for everything from playback to sequence editing.

The js2 system is "off" by default. The script-loader is also "off" by default. The upload-api is enabled by normal upload configuration flags.

I can try and create a upload-api only commit if thats helpful.


mdale wrote:

oky the patch is already out of date a few fixes in r53084 and r53083.

Adding 'tracking' keyword.

Most of the new upload code has been merged in by now (or exists as extensions).