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Use Atomic Deploy Playbook for Fundraising Operation Center
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To avoid having a full checkout of the Application that needs to be updated independently, we should use the atomic deploy facilities of the infrastructure repo, where the application that is deployed has "hooks" for certain events (like building, packaging, etc).


  • More clear separation between code for deployment and application code
  • More standardized approach to deployment
  • Branches that need to provide new deployment steps can be tested without changes on the deploy server.


  • fundraising-backend clone (in the home directory of the deploy user) is no longer used.
  • There is a playbook for deploying the fundraising frontend in the deployments directory of the infrastructure repository. To avoid having this changing frequently, we could split the atomic deployment into a separate repository.


Event Timeline

At some point in the future, we'll deploy the software in a container (see T225597: Containerize Infrastructure) . Until then, we'll use the playbook we have.