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Understanding first day: "Schema:EditorJourney" instrumentation specification
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This task includes:

  • Schema, queries and other attributes of the logging and use are collaboratively defined on this task and in a schema blob.
  • Data analyst creates database queries that will be used to generate results, like test-driven development.

The schema is on

The business rules are documented on the talk page for the schema.

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MMiller_WMF renamed this task from Understanding first day: instrumentation specification to Understanding first day: "Schema:EditorJourney" instrumentation specification.Oct 24 2018, 9:25 PM

Now that we have documented our plans, we need to make a few other teams aware and get legal approval. This will live in my column until those steps are accomplished.

This task is also waiting for its subtask, T206182, to be complete.

Resolving this because we are not talking about any further work on the QA task: T207307