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Too big notifications bundle is resetted on login
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Hi. It happenes for any notification kind, but here is an example for one particular kind. Maybe you can save some steps, I'm describing just what happened.

  1. Log in to account A.
  2. Set preference for getting notifications for wikidata item connections on.
  3. Create 100 pages.
  4. Log out.
  5. Log in to account E.
  6. Create a wikidata item for each page from these 100.
  7. Log out.
  8. Log in to account A.
  9. See a 100 notifications in bundle.
  10. Click the bundle blue dot.
  11. See the blue icon returns to no notifications state.
  12. Click F5.
  13. See no notifications.
  14. Log in to account A from another device.
  15. Return to the original device.
  16. Click F5.
  17. See about 80 notifications in bundle.
  18. ...
  19. See about 60 notifications in bundle.
  20. ...
  21. See about 40 notifications in bundle.
  22. ...
  23. See about 20 notifications in bundle.
  24. ...
  25. See no notifications.

Thank you.

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Is "F5" a shortcut in your web browser to refresh the page? Which web browser do you use?

As far as I know, it's on many browsers. Quantum. And F5 is not an issue here, you can open another wiki page instead.