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Improve Login alert when user logs in from new machine
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The current mail is not very helpful.

Today I got such a mail from The last time I accessed was on August 21th, at least according to my browsers history.

I would like to see a little bit more information:

  • The date / time of this login
  • the IP-address
  • the user agent string of the browser

Usually mail is sent immediate, but mail is not a real time system, some mailer may delay sending the mail, so it may take some time.

When I see the IP-address, I could check if this is my current address, so everything is fine – when the IP-address is from some different country I would know if this is a real problem.

With the user agent string I could find out which device caused this alert.

Currently all that information is missing. It is not very useful.

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Not a security issue, hence removing Security.

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See T174562, T174388 for IP addresses. Please only report one specific issue per task and create separate tasks for separate requests:
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