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Archive the DPL Page Name S/N Maker extension
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This extension's page was marked as archived by @Kghbln last month. According to its pre-archival version, the extension explicitly supports MediaWiki 1.5.x+, so it is drastically out-of-date. doesn't even have a page for the extension, so it is presumably not installed on any known wikis. Looking through the documentation and the linked code, this isn't even an extension, but a template written to work with a particular (ancient) version of DPL, with additional dependencies.

To-do list

  • This task
    • Add maintainers of that extension/skin as subscribers to this task (if they have no apparent Phabricator account, notify them on-wiki or via email if possible and note it here). Maintainer doesn't appear to have edited since 2011.
    • Add Phabricator project <#ProjectX> as a tag for this task, or MediaWiki-extensions-Other if there is no project.
  • On-wiki documentation
    • Archive documentation on ( replace page contents with {{TNT|Archived extension|last revision id before archiving|reason=archive reasons, per [[phab:T######]]}}; include a link to this task in the reason parameter.
    • If documentation page was translatable, remove <translate>, visit Special:PageTranslation, and click "remove from translation" (if you don't have the translation administrator right, ask a user who does).
    • Archive Wikidata item associated with documentation page (provide URL) (remove nearly all statements, except instance of (P31) = MediaWiki extension (Q6805426), which should add a qualifier end time (P582) = the YYYY-MM-DD date that you decided to archive extension, generally per edit history, change English (and other languages if possible) description to "archived MediaWiki extension" (and its translation)).
  • Phabricator
    • Archive Phabricator project <#ProjectX> for the extension.
    • Mark all Phabricator tasks for the extension either Declined or Invalid.
    • Edit Phabricator project <#ProjectX> description for the extension with a link to this ticket.
    • Remove from (groups/MediaWiki/mediawiki-extensions.txt) (add project as a tag for this task).
  • Configuration/tests/integrations/etc.
  • Repositories
    • Empty repository and add an ARCHIVED file.
    • Archive the diffusion repository for the extension: (provide the Diffusion repository callsign or URL).
    • Mark the repository read-only in Gerrit: (provide Gerrit Repository URL).
    • Delete the GitHub mirror: (provide GitHub repository URL).

Event Timeline

Dinoguy1000 renamed this task from Archive the <name of extension/skin> to Archive the DPL Page Name S/N Maker extension.Oct 2 2018, 7:14 AM

Aah, sorry about that, @PlavorSeol, I was kind of on autopilot when I got to this bug and forgot to double-check. I've corrected the description.

Kizule added a subscriber: Kizule.

This extension is not hosted on Wikimedia Repository tools like Gerrit or Phabricator Diffusion. Too this extension don`t have Github repo affilated to Wikimedia.

Integration tests are not on Wikimedia Testing tools like zuul because of first reason. So we no have what to archive.

We was only able to archive page on, what @Kghbln done.

Because of all reason which I provided, I closing task as invalid.

That's fine, this task's point was just to allow someone who knew how to check for any random bits associated with this "extension", in all the usual places. No random bits = nothing to do, so closing invalid is correct. =)

Not only this task is invalid, but also completely useless.
So this is also invalid. NEVER TRY TO FORCE ME TO CREATE ARCHIVAL TASK ANYMORE. I WON'T do that, and trying to force me will result in completely opposite situlation.

@PlavorSeol I am sorry if you feel bad, but we no think anything bad and we no hate you.
(Update after edit at 10:35 per my timezone..) Too, please don`t be nervous. And please do not threaten. Thanks!

Not only this task is invalid, but also completely useless.
So NEVER TRY TO FORCE ME TO CREATE ARCHIVAL TASK ANYMORE. I will NEVER do that, and trying to force me will result in completely opposite situlation.

The status of this specific task has nothing to do with the general need to create archival tasks for archiving extensions. If you're not willing to create these tasks, then please do not mark extension pages on as archived. There is already entirely too much work to do from extensions or their documentation being archived in one place or another without the necessary followup being carried out (e.g. T190671, T201251, T180864, etc.), and we don't need people willfully adding to that backlog.

In reply to T205954#4846857:

@PlavorSeol: As far as I know, nobody forced you to do anything. If someone "forced" you, please provide clear and exact references to prove your strong statements.