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Opt-In form error message: possible to clarify?
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We've seen ~30 donors over the past two weeks unaware that they need to choose in order to proceed. One donor sent this screenshot:

and it made me wonder if we could change this error message, Please choose an email option, to instead read something that refers more directly to the options on the form, like Please choose an email option, * Yes! or * No

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Pcoombe added a project:

Thanks Michael, that seems like a good suggestion. I'll look into it.

Thanks, @Pcoombe

Maybe even Please choose an email option, * Yes! or * No, before clicking Donate

@MBeat33 I've changed it to add the error message above the options if they don't select one, instead of in an alert box. Does this seem clear enough?

Next step is probably to do similar for amount selection: T205701

Thanks, @Pcoombe I like it, the red color is a nice touch. I imagine it will be clearer for donors to keep them in the form itself, rather than display a pop-out window.

If you want any help testing for amounts selection in the other task, ping me.