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Onboard Michal Anna (to begin on Oct 9th)
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We have a running doc here: (

Ongoing list of things:

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This is looking good. I think the important things left are:

  1. Set up your wikitech/developer account (
  2. Associate your wikitech LDAP account (created during step 1 ^) with Phabricator (optional, but probably a good idea)
  3. Have @JBennett add you to the Security-Team mailing list
  4. Have (probably) @chasemp add you to the security@ exim config
  5. Create a ticket with OIT ( and have them license you for irccloud (, then grab the desktop/mobile/whatever apps and walk through the IRC setup, probably starting here: Despite it not technically being FLOSS, I (and I think several others) really like irccloud for its clean interface, auto-bouncer services, etc.
  • Contacted @JBennett about being added to Security-Team mailing list and #wikimedia-security & #wikimedia-staff IRC channels
  • contacted @Reedy about getting added to Security, Trusted-Contributors, & WMF-NDA Phab boards
  • Setup WeeChat as IRC client
  • Setup wikitech/dev account
  • linked wikitech account with phab
  • Have (probably) @chasemp add you to the security@ exim config

Hey @mmarble

Nevermind, I see T208431 now (thanks, @Krenair). Looks like that's in progress. Did you get added to the wmf LDAP group? Not seeing you here:, which I think you should be? You'd probably want to create a ticket like T204382 for that. I think you can just use the standard task request form: and then add LDAP-Access-Requests and Security-Team to the tags and someone will get to it.

For production shell access, you'll want to read over this:, and then eventually create a ticket like this: T207852, and have John approve it. I'd imagine you'd only need the access that Brian and I have for now, which is called out in the aforementioned ticket. Again, you'll eventually need this access, but it's probably not urgent for now.

I'm going to resolve this ticket now. The last item was just to add the following to your /etc/hosts if wikitech,w.o/DNS ever goes down:

If you really feel like doing that, go for it, but that's fairly optional IMO.