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Automated Edits should support localised Wikipedia namespaces
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After reading T200791 I checked my stats and I noticed that the current regex 'using \[\[(Wikipedia|WP|Project):(AWB|AutoWikiBrowser)' does not work with localised Wikipedia namespaces/aliases. For example, The Hungarian Wikipedia uses Wikipédia, which means it is currently not detected. I would suggest that check AutoWikiBrowser's Wikidata item and somehow implement these aliases.

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Bencemac created this task.Oct 6 2018, 7:50 AM
MusikAnimal added a subscriber: MusikAnimal.EditedOct 9 2018, 6:19 PM

Indeed, currently the regex is hard-coded, either for individual project or by language. I like the idea of using wikidata (or even the MediaWiki API) to get the names of the namespaces, but doing this programmatically for the AutoEdits tool will be very complex. Something to think about, but for now we'll just add in the localized regex for huwiki. I'll get this added soon!

@MusikAnimal Furthermore, links on Automated Edits are broken/wrong as well. For example, two links of three tools (undo and redirect) are broken on my stats (pointing to non-existing pages). Maybe we should use Meta pages instead of trying to find the local ones?

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