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Recover password for Dominic Mayers account
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DominicMayers user has asked assistance on IRC channel #wikipedia-fr. They claims the following facts:

  • The address e-mail address attached to the account has been cleared.
  • They don't have a static IP, but the current IP address hasn't changed since the last connection.

I've (like current people connected on the channel) the IP address associated to the user claiming to be the account holder and willing a password reset.

Event Timeline

Preliminary investigation

  • The account has been created post-SUL, so the field user_email on the local wiki is (as expected) blank.
  • No e-mail is attached to the SUL account. The most probable is the user never attached a mail to the account at register time.

Account lock

The account has been blocked on the home wiki.

Checkuser result

The verification has been positive.

Connect to a different online channel

The user sent to me from a professional email address clearly related to them a confirmation they're the requester.


At this stage, professional identity linked, IPs match, UA match, there is enough elements to confirm the identity.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-10-07T16:40:08Z] <dereckson> Reset user email for account "Dominic Mayers" (T206421)