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Move wdqs1010 and maybe wdqs1009 out of production
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We have installed WDQS test servers with the understanding that we could use them to run tests for new WDQS and non-WDQS deployments of software. However, it seems that production can not accommodate this scenario. We still need real servers to test on - there's no way we can test loading whole Wikidata into graph service and evaluate performance by using Cloud VPS servers - so we need to find a solution. I propose starting with moving wdqs1010 and wdqs1009 out of production networks into some place where we could run the tests we need.

wdqs1009 is also planned to serve as test server for WDQS - I am not sure if this requires it to be on production network (e.g. it will need access to kafka streams). If yes, then we may need to get another server that would be the same as wdqs1009 but would be in the same place as wdqs1010 and will be able to accommodate non-puppet setups.

Alternatively, we may decommission wdqs1010 and maybe wdqs1009 completely (since keeping them in production without being able to use them for what they were intended for makes little sense) and request a budget for doing the experiments on AWS or analogous platform.

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