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hardware request - replacement for tegmen (icinga2001)
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In T202782 the Icinga server einsteinium is being replaced by new hardware because it is out of warranty. That was/is part of the general hardware refresh goal. That did not include its equivalent in codfw, at that time because it is still under warranty.

But this only lasts until early December this year, so only a couple weeks.

HW warranty expiration: 2018-12-07

So this is a request to also get new hardware for this to replace it. The new server should be called "icinga2001" to complement icinga1001.

The specs should be equal to tegmen or better.

tegmen is: Dell PowerEdge R430 and its procurement ticket was T120246

tegmen specs are: PowerEdge R430, Intel Xeon E5-2623 3.0 GHz, 10M Cache, 8GB RDIMM 2133MT/s, 4TB 7.2K RPM SATA

I note that we have > 7TB in /srv but use < 1% of that, so we don't really need that disk space. We probably want SSDs too nowadays, right. So a smaller SSD would be good.

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We generally keep our servers for 1-2 more years past their warranty expiration (this puts their lifetime at ~5 years, rather than 3). tegmen's expected replacement would be ~two years from now, so it's not its time yet :)

I'll decline, feel free to reopen if a replacement is needed for reasons other than its age, and we can consider that.