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[Bug] Linking an item to a page does not recognize the active wiki's site identifier
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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a page, "Foo", http://localhost:8181/wiki/Foo
  2. Go to the link page form. E.g., http://localhost:8181/wiki/Special:NewItem?site=my_wiki&page=Foo.
  3. Press "create"

Expected Results

  • The page is linked to the item

Actual Results

  • Form validation fails for the current wiki's site identifier (and also for others I've tried)

Environments Observed

The issue occurs in stock MediaWiki, Vagrant, and Docker development environments:

  • Exemplary Wikibase Docker Compose
  • Vagrant instance with the following roles enabled:
      • interwiki
      • minerva
      • mleb
      • mobilefrontend
      • popups
      • quicksurveys
      • relatedarticles
      • sitematrix
      • wikibase_repo
      • wikimediaevents
    • I've tried to follow the instructions on wiki but it's possible I've botched the configuration.

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T205922 seems like it could be related / the same

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