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Special:GloballyUnusedFiles looks wrong
Open, Needs TriagePublic

Description Currently there are only 10 files listed (appear to be redirects).

This seems rather wrong, probably something with the query.

Also, it seems to be one of the more expensive special pages in the normal update rotation (possibly related to DC switch over. See T206592):

commonswiki:  ListDuplicatedFiles            [QueryPage] got 3554 rows in 2h 44m 37.65s
commonswiki:  MediaStatistics                [QueryPage] got 20 rows in 1h 22m 7.48s
commonswiki:  Mostcategories                 [QueryPage] got 5000 rows in 7h 34m 9.54s
commonswiki:  Mostlinkedtemplates            [QueryPage] got 5000 rows in 4h 48m 47.34s
commonswiki:  Uncategorizedcategories        [QueryPage] got 154 rows in 3h 51m 43.43s
commonswiki:  Uncategorizedpages             [QueryPage] got 142 rows in 6h 37m 22.52s
commonswiki:  Unusedimages                   [QueryPage] got 5 rows in 2h 15m 47.26s
commonswiki:  Wantedfiles                    [QueryPage] got 5000 rows in 2h 14m 2.39s
commonswiki:  Wantedtemplates                [QueryPage] got 5000 rows in 3h 5m 47.84s
commonswiki:  GadgetUsage                    [QueryPage] got 126 rows in 1h 57m 42.65s
commonswiki:  MostGloballyLinkedFiles        [QueryPage] got 5000 rows in 2h 43m 38.13s
commonswiki:  GloballyWantedFiles            [QueryPage] got 5000 rows in 4h 3m 38.47s
commonswiki:  GloballyUnusedFiles            [QueryPage] got 10 rows in 9h 45.37s
enwiki:  Uncategorizedpages             [QueryPage] got 129 rows in 2h 47.81s