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Understand steps to get structured data from Excel-workbook into Wikidata
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{F26519479}I have an Excel workbook (with 5 sheets) containing structured data about Dutch literary awards

For each award:

  1. Overall info about the award: name, description, years, initiator, sponsors, organizors, namegivers, Wikipedia-URL, Wikidata-Qnumbers etc
  2. Detailed info per year: prize money, date and venue of award ceremony, related WP and WD URLs
  3. Nominees (short list): author names, title of nominated work, related WP and WD URLs
  4. Winners: author names, title of winning work, related WP and WD URLs
  5. Jury members: names, roles, related WP and WD URLs

See this sample Excel to get a better understanding, it describes the BookSpot award (and its predecessors)

This is a much richer dataset than currently listed in most Wikidata-items about Dutch literary awards (like in this item about the BookSpot award)

I want to gain a better understanding of the steps needed to bring the data from the Excel into Wikidata

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Come see me at some point, I can help you!

  • formating your spreadsheet in a Wikidata-friendly way
  • use CSV2QS to convert to QuickStatements (if the data is too complex to be handled directly by QS)
  • run QuickStatements

Edit: the most difficult part is usually not to learn how to format the spreadsheet, it's identifying all relevant Wikidata items.

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Thanks for the very fast response Harmonia_Amanda.

I'm not yet familiar with QS, but I'll check it out before the event.

I'll also gather a list of all relevant WD-items (both already exisiting and yet to be made) related to that Bookspot award (actually, they are already in the Excel..)

I seemed to have removed you from this task, which I did not intend. I'll assign it to you again...

This tool ( has examples on how to format things. The missing items can be created using the same method then used to complete the rest.

Last week I discovered OpenRefine (, which was pretty much exactly the tool I was looking for. It has built in support for Wikidata and QuickStatement, and you can very easily publish data in an Excel to Wikidata.

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Hi guys,

I would very much like to join you, since I have a similar task I want to work on.
See T207839
Olaf, I have started working with OpenRefine to, but if you could show me how reconciliation work I would really appreciate it!

See you on Friday!

Hi SIryn,

reconciliation is exactly what I'm finding/fiddling out at this moment as well. I find these manuals quite useful:


I will be available to help with OpenRefine. It is exactly designed for this workflow indeed so I hope it will be a match :)
For reconciliation help, have you seen this page?

If there is anything unclear there I would be interested to know how to improve it :)


SIryn added a comment.Oct 24 2018, 2:51 PM

Great, thank you @Pintoch and @OlafJanssen! I look forward to meeting you!

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uploaded the first 50 writers from the 6000+ on the file!


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This item can be closed, I know by now how to to achieve the goals mentioned using OpenRefine indeed.

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