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deliver daily reports
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The specs for the tracking are documented in the following document:

Please deliver daily reports for the following data:

  • page views (LP1, LP2, LPN [local event pages]) with the following sources: banner (desktop), banner (mobile), newsletter (please keep in mind, that we sent the newsletter on 11.10.2018)
  • registrations per sources as in the page views
  • ipressions of the banner

Please get back, if something is unclear.

User Journey:

User Journey Wikipedia Tag (7).jpg (629×1 px, 109 KB)

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Event Timeline


There will be also mobile banners and therefore please note, that there will be two links for the banners:

That means, that we would need to differenciate between people landing on the landingpage coming from:

  • the banner (desktop)
  • the banner (mobile)
  • the newsletter

This is just for your information!

@GoranSMilovanovic I added one user journey, because we will also have people that will see a mobile version of the banner. To see how many of them also land on the local event page I introduced a new campaign tag in the task description of T206757. Please have this in mind too.

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@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE @kai.nissen

Could you please describe all user journeys for this campaign as precisely as possible by filling out this spreadsheet?

Thank you very much. This is essential for me to setup the delivery of the campaign daily reports correctly.

@GoranSMilovanovic I filled out the spreadsheet and commented on your questions there.

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE You're awesome, thank you very much for providing assistance here!

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE @kai.nissen

Daily Reporting for the Autumn Banner Campaign 2018 is now available from this spreadsheet.

Please note that only three tags are present in the data set:

  • WMDE_neweditors_autumn_2018_lpn
  • WMDE_neweditors_autumn_2018_lp1m
  • WMDE_neweditors_autumn_2018_lp1

Until now no users have registered from WMDE_neweditors_autumn_2018_lpn.

NOTE. If you decided not to have separate campaign tags for local events (c.f. @Stefan_Schneider_WMDE table, check column: Campaign Tag, please), we will not be able to track the user registrations to local events. I know we have discussed this before, I know how you have mentioned that the registrations might be tracked in an alternative way and then matched to our standard datasets, however, I just to want to make sure that we are keeping our eyes on everything - that is why I am asking for a confirmation of the procedure here. Thank you!

Hi @GoranSMilovanovic

Thx for the report. It looks good. And thx for mentioning the tracking issue with the local events. Yes - we hope, that we can measure the conversion on the local event and we can at least see how the conversion from page-views to attendance and registration on the event are.
By the way: Do you have the latest data on the campaign?

I will be reporting on the latest data very soon, Stefan

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE I can't see any users who have registered via the newsletter until now. Is something wrong?

@GoranSMilovanovic This seems totally normal to me as we sent the newsletter on 11.10.2018. To see the registrations you would need to track the newsletter-data from the 11.10.2018. Is it possible to have the newsletter data seperately in the spreadsheet stating data from the 11.10.2018?

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE Got it. I should be drinking more coffee, obviously, because you have already told me that the newsletter campaign has started earlier...

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE A separate spreadsheet Newsletter User Registrations is introduced to the Daily Report on Drive.

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE Stefan, please, could you let me know when does the Autumn Banner Campaign end? Thank you.

It ended yesterday on Sunday 28.10.

GoranSMilovanovic <> schrieb am Mo. 29.
Okt. 2018 um 11:47:

GoranSMilovanovic added a comment.

@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE Stefan,
please, could you let me know when does the Autumn Banner Campaign end?
Thank you.



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@Stefan_Schneider_WMDE Thank you. Closing this task and proceeding to produce the final campaign report now; a new Phab ticket will be opened in relation to the final report.