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Don't lose metadata if Upload Wizard "Describe" step is interrupted
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Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Upload 50 files
  2. Choose license
  3. Type the title, descriptions, categories, coordinates for 49 files (takes about 2 hours)
  4. Two hours is enough to receive tens of messages requiring me to do other things in the browser and open various websites, also using heavy map websites to find coordinates, so after two hours the probability that the browser has crashed at least once is 50%. So, let's Assume your browser crashes (it is not a worst-case scenario, it happens often to me and just happened again right now after typing metadata for 30 files). Or maybe your OS forces you to restart, or there is a power shutdown (happens often too here).
  5. Open your browser again
  6. Expected: You can continue where you left. Actually: You have to start again from zero, and probably just give up.

Upload Wizard should regularly save the typed metadata (and obviously the uploaded files too).

Similar to but that one is about being logged out, which is a more specific issue