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Impossible to rollback a change on fr.wiktionary, says "Changes already revoked"
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I just tried to revoque , but revocation has failed for an erroneous reason: "Changes already revoked / Last edit made by JackBot" which is not the case, since no one has revoked that edit.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Impossible to revoque a change to Impossible to rollback a change on fr.wiktionary, says "Changes already revoked".Oct 12 2018, 2:19 PM

The anon user has rollbacked already his previous change, see this diff

In this case the content of the last version is equal to the content of JackBot's version and that than there is nothing to rollback.

If you want undo the last change of the anon and keep the previous one, you have to use undo action, because rollback action rollbacks to the last version which is not from the current user.

@Umherirrender I hear you, but a few days ago, when a user canceled its own change, the "rollback" button was at least patrolling automatically the two last versions when clicked. Now, it is doing nothing but displaying that error.

Oh... I was using a third-party tool to patrol, and I realized that it changed my habits—that is why I did not realize that the changes were actually still patrolled. So, my mistake! Report canceled.