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Feature: After clicking the link in a watchlist notif e-mail, one should receive notif about future changes
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Often I will get an email notification and happen to be logged out when I click the link. I don't get notified of further changes unless and until I visit that page again when logged in. This has caught me out several times.

I think the visiting and diff links in the email should contain a cookie (based, perhaps, on their user ID - I think bot rollback uses something similar) that identifies the user and clears their wl_notificationtimestamp for that page, even if the user is not logged in.

It would be inappropriate to log a user in automatically, but just clearing the flag should not hurt. The worst that will happen is they get sent more email when further changes are made, and this is probably what they want.

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Not really sure how we could do this. Maybe add some unique token to the URL in the link similar to email confirmation?

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Rephrased as a user-story. The underlying problem is that when add a page to your watchlist, the system e-mails you once (and only once) for the first change that happens after the user adds the page to their watchlist.

The idea is that once they engage with the e-mail to view the page or the diff, our system will clear an internal setting, that unlocks another (one) notification from that point forward.

This fails when the user isn't logged in, which may be quite common for users, especially when they engage with their e-mail from a device that isn't their main device. E.g. between two phones or between a laptop and a phone, reading the notification on your phone means the system didn't acknowledge it.

The impact is that this may be losing out a potentially significant amount of engagement with users because they never heard back from us after the first notification, even if they tried to engage with it.